In his new series of paintings titled “Windows to Your Soul” , Kevin T. Williams mission is to bring joy, soul, color and empathy to the human condition that appears more gray, harsh and dangerously bleak than he remembered before. In his piece titled “GOD speaks to Marvin” the artist pays tribute to one of his musical heroes, a way of prayer in a canvas. It is also a prayer or a moment of clarity from the subject in the painting, Marvin Gaye. A specific point in time when a man is touched by a higher power, a source other than himself. When his spirit is open to the possibility of a higher presence.

Born in 1957 at the crest of the new “Rock & Roll” wave Kevin t. Williams entered a world on the brink of change. In Levenworth Kansas, a Catholic home for “wayward” Mothers was where he was delivered by a Priest & staff to his then 17 year old mother. In a pre-civil rights America, he was raised by his mother & grandparents in Topeka Kansas until his mother decided there was a better future for her and her 2 year old son in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles provided a tough but richly diverse setting that would influence Williams’ craving for creativity and expression. And then came the civil rights movement.

This started his musical journey that currently spans 5 decades of American & World music. Singing and then later playing guitar with groups from the age of 13. The list includes The Bonedaddys, English Beat, Ben Harper, The Untouchables and many others — performing in over 35 countries.

The dream to paint was always in the back of Williams’ mind. Constantly drawing as a child, he dreamed that one day life would afford him the time & opportunity to start painting, even though he never had a formally trained background in art. In August, 2009 at age 51, Williams was growing a new family and tiring of the constant touring a rock and roll lifestyle required. He found the time and the courage to explore putting the visions of humanity, emotion, freedom and explosions of color in his head on to canvas.

Kevin’s clientele include Mosaic Entertainment, Sony Executive Studios, Dreamworks, Green Valley Dispensary and many more…

“I’m in love with the human form and faces. No two are really alike. If eyes are the windows to the soul I want the eyes in my paintings to be the windows to your soul as well.” -Kevin T. Williams

THE ARTWORK OF KEVIN T. WILLIAMS WILL BE ON DISPLAY AT THE CENTRAL AVENUE JAZZ FESTIVAL INSIDE THE ARTS PAVILION: Located on Central Avenue, between 42nd and 43rd streets, in front of the newly renovated historic Dunbar Hotel. SATURDAY & SUNDAY, JULY 25th AND 26th, 2015 FROM 11-7PM



Current presentation is under consignment to La Mancha Gallery in Los Angeles To inquire about any of the artworks or commission Kevin T. Williams for hire, please include your contact information or send us a note on the Contact Us page and a La Mancha Gallery representative will get back to you shortly. Curators and many of the artists are available for programming possibilities. 

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“He’s got a bluesy, folky, soulful thing.” – L. Corskey, co-founder of Cannibal Flower

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