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If you wish to purchase artwork you view on this Website or at Any of Our Events, we have a solution! We designed this page for our private buyers, collectors, art dealers, curators, museums, galleries, interior designers, architects, and all real fans of the modern art all over the world. If You live in Los Angeles La Mancha Gallery is available through appointment as well, please call Us or email us to set up an appointment. We hope that the the Art you buy from Us will bring pleasure and happiness in your home or office. Check Out our Square Up Store for more details and more pictures

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The Artists
Discover new original artwork local and from around the world
La Mancha Gallery free Consultation service will help you find the perfect works for your home or office.
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No hidden fees
Work with our curator free of charge with no hidden consultation fees.
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Great selection
Great selection from mid-career to pros. Sold exclusively in our site or event.
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Access from anywhere
With our online store, You have access to the current work of artists at any of our events to purchase immediately.
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Art Specialists
We’re here to help you find art in works that you love, with your price range, interests, and current collection in mind.
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Local & International Artists
All you need is a browser.
We sell a small selection of artworks from local and international artists that are selected for our events and exhibits. Find out how you can own the artwork from this great artists.
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Art Sales
We hope that the the Art you buy from Us will bring pleasure and happiness in your home or office. Payment options can be individually designed to accommodate the special needs of collectors.
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Consultations are an important factor to take into consideration when determining your event needs. Our professional event consultants will meet with you to determine your specific needs based on your budget requirements.
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Art Installation
We are experts in mounting your artwork securely, ranging from a corporate environment to a standard framed artwork, large murals and commissioned sculptures

I would recommend La Mancha Gallery to everyone who needs a solid team player and help with their projects in any aspect.


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Omar Holguin is a visionary that considers and incorporates every aspect of life, art and business in his projects and work ethic.

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