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Press Release

19th Annual Central Avenue Jazz Festival 2014
La Mancha Gallery partners with the 19th Central Avenue Jazz Festival

Los Angeles, June 9, 2014:  La Mancha Gallery is proud to be a sponsor and contributor for this annual celebration of jazz music, arts and culture.

The Central Avenue Jazz Festival is an event that takes place on the last week of July at the South Central section of Los Angeles between 42nd and 43rd Streets in front of the historic and newly renovated Dunbar Hotel.  This celebration of community arts and music is an event that celebrates the rich cultural history of Los Angeles Central Avenue vibrant jazz scene since the 1930’s.

Thousands of Angelinos gathered on July 26-27 in the Vernon-Central neighborhood of South Los Angeles to enjoy a free celebration of community, vibrant music and contemporary art. At the invitation of 9th District Los Angeles City Councilman Curren D. Price, Jr., La Mancha Gallery contributios for this event included a 30’x60′ foot tent that will house cutting-edge art from top artists in Los Angeles as well as live muralists and graffiti artists. Curated by Omar Holguin the selected artwork ranging from all sizes and mediums will include talented artists like Enoch Mack, Carlos Chavez, Mohammed Mubarak, Philippe Previl, Mia Watson, Kevin T. Williams, Neneki “Nick” McGee, Luis Genaro Garcia and many, many more. The art installation by Stephen M. Gates will be set against the backdrop aesthetic of black tubes, colorful hats and lampshades with white trees accents. Directly across from the historic Dunbar Hotel, the beautifully-restored mecca for jazz legends of the l930’s and l940’s, Virtually all of the artists represented had personal and emotional connections to the neighborhood and the African-American jazz culture which had flourished there in decades past. Many artists participating  have achieved widespread recognition, even worldwide acclaim.

About La Mancha Gallery

Since its inception in 2006,  La Mancha has been an avenue and voice for intellectual and social activism in Los Angeles. Its unique mission is to develop and expand art consciousness beyond the traditional “gallery” paradigm into a more widespread, public and unifying encounter. La Mancha seeks to tell a story through its exhibitions in reflecting and re-energizing the community. Its major goal serves to entertain, educate and illuminate. La Mancha provides traveling exhibitions for profit and non-profit organizations and serves as  well as a great resource for fine art services and artwork .

If you would like more information  please contact Omar Holguin at (213) 537-7561 or email at

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