Afrobeat No Go Die!!!

Afrobeat … No Go Die!! Mexico 68 Afrobeat Orchestra

Another successful event was held at the Vex Arts located at 5240 Alhambra Avenue, Los Angeles, California. This time it is a music event entitled Afrobeat No Go Die!. Expertly handled by the La Mancha Gallery team in charge of a series of musical events coupled with eclectic sounds and world beat to be performed at the The Vex Arts on a monthly basis,  this particular event was held on the 8th of February year 2014.
The party started at 7 o’clock in the evening and showcased an afrobeat music which is the modern genre of the West Africa. The sound of Afrobeat is formed with influences of traditional Yoruba music and Ghanaian highlife  with a mix of jazz, soul and funk to make the sound more modern. Few bands were included in the line-up and for this event we chose the best of the best underground musicians in Los Angeles.
It was the first in the series of music events in Vex Arts. The following bands and Dj’s were part of the spectacular event: Mexico 68 Afrobeat Orchestra, The Catchatones, Kid Gusto and Richard E..

We wanted to establish a model for future events by combining 2 independent bands with 2 Dj’s. Mexico 68 Afrobeat Orchestra is made up of 13 members based in Eastside California and more focused with funk style. The Catchatones play with different sounds and genre like soul, hip-hop, rock steady, jazz and funk. Kid Gusto and Richard E. are both DJs.
These musicians have already impressed a lot of audiences and listeners Worldwide. The event was a great turn out, many supporters and new fans are waiting and looking forward to the next event. By the way, they have their own websites for music samples and complete playlist.

Saturday, February 8, 2014 @ 7:00PM
Photography Courtesy of Connie


Event Details

Client: The Vex Arts
Date:  3.18.2014
Skills Event Production, Music Promotion, Branding, Concept Design, Social Media Marketing

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Stage & Music Production

La Mancha Gallery team in charge of a series of musical events coupled with eclectic sounds and world beat to be performed at the The Vex Arts on a monthly basis. La Mancha Gallery specifically selected a model formula for this type of events and future projects by combining  two independent bands coupled with two Djs

Event Production & Marketing

La Mancha Gallery was involved in all aspects of the production of this event, from concept, branding, marketing, webdesign, music and bands promotion, social media integration, decoration and installation.

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Live footage of each Band’s performance:

Hear samples of each Dj’s work


by Dj Kid Gusto (True Grooves & Rhythm & Culture) | True Grooves & Rhythm & Culture Recordings

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