Silvio Sangiorgi  Silvio Sangiorgi – Close Up SILVIO153Poet and Painter Silvio Sangiorgi was born in Sezze, Latina, Italy, on July 28, 1977. At age fourteen his interest in poetry was already evident, and at sixteen years of age he began writing his first book of poetry that was published in 2001 under the title The Fall of illusions, drawings and poems, Editrice Il Gabbiano. Since then, Sangiorgi, began an extraordinary artistic path, with many other publications including “The framing of the face,” “On Undeclared”, “Ethnic Nature” and “Cosmic Theory” and receiving more awards and critical reviews at the national level.

The Art Silvio Sangiorgi:

The Art Silvio Sangiorgi digs deep into the labyrinth of the human psyche, his unique journey is a continuous search that is fought between dream and reality, a vision of genuine problems of inner reality that the painter succeeds with a very personal approach on his technique. Sangiorgi in essence is making a mental journey, an introspective examination through depiction of human faces that are nothing but a mirror of his soul. His work show us the continuous flow of our existence. Painting and poetry are intertwined and refer to each other in a continuous exchange of echoes. The Art of Sangiorgi must be lived and assimilated over time, his paintings remain “one of the few examples of traditional figures”. Sangiorgi is an artist who lives in his paintings and poems.

“What Sangiorgi is a big ball or a” snail shell “which unfolds in the value of liberating the word in poetry or painting, laying bare the most tremendous and profound mechanisms of human pain or vices or virtues of humanity, the pace of the narrative painting, with its incessant beat, and finally brings us closer to the edge of the abyss at the heart of darkness that is all his soul and his Sangiorgi “I “interior”. The intellectual Setini look in the dream world and reality of everyday life the essence of his art.Painting and poetry recreates the vortex of his soul, a psychological spiral that has become over the years, almost an obsession in search of a spasmodic divine light and hope.  Gilberto Madioni -Art Critic


FRAME SIZES: H:36″ x W:22″ inches

SPACE REQUIREMENTS: 25 linear feet (7.6 linear meters)


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